Mac Pro CPU Upgrades

RevYourMac is now offering CPU upgrades for Mac Pro 2009 and 2010 models. Bring your system up to date with the most powerful computers Apple is currently offering!

Our recommended upgrades are:

  •  3.33GHz 6-Core (One Intel ‘Westmere’ W3680 60core CPU) for single CPU machines

The 12-Core upgrade can also be done on a single CPU machine; a dual CPU processor tray will be included in the purchase price.

Processor Trays

How does it work?

Upon purchase, we mail you an empty box with prepaid postage to send your processor tray to us. The processor tray is very easy to remove in a Mac Pro.

We’ll perform the installation and return the finished processor tray to you. Simply slide the processor tray back into your Mac Pro and you’re done!*

*Please note that to perform the recommended upgrades on a 2009 Mac Pro, you will need to upgrade the machine’s firmware for the new hardware to be recognized. An simple firmware upgrade utility, along with instructions, will be included.

Please contact for an upgrade quote.

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